1/64 3 Point Quick Hitch Kit


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This 3 point quick hitch kit is designed to fit the rear 3 point hitch on an Ertl 1/64 Claas Xerion. The Ertl model does not have a quick hitch, and the top link is too short, so this kit consists of a top link of correct length, and quick hitch, as well as the 2 pins needed to attach the hitch to the lower 2 arms. To install, remove the screw on the underside of the tractor that holds the 3 point assembly on. Then remove the screw on the back, or inside of the 3 point assembly. The top link can now be easily removed. Remove the metal pin that the top link pivoted on, and put it in the end of the kit’s top link after sticking the top link through the gap which the original one ran through. Reassemble the 3 point assembly, then use the 2 supplied pins to attach the lower 2 arms to the quick hitch. Once the pins are in, use a small drop of glue on each on to hold them in place, them reattach the assembly to the tractor. The tractor shown is not included.


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